Chris Wilson

Christophor S. Wilson

CEO, CTO, and Full Stack Engineer

Located In Boise, Idaho

About Me

I love hanging out with the family, watching movies, and playing xbox.

I also love developing totally awesome web applications! I have a solid reputation for delivering a high quality product in a timely manner. With over two decades of experience in the web design / development industry I know what works and what doesn't.

I'm currently learning and developing atop the Laravel PHP framework, and the Vue.js JavaScript framework, but have also developed atop the Joomla CMS for many years too.

I love PHP, SCSS, HTML, and JavaScript. My IDE of choice right now is Sublime Text 3, and my hardware of choice is a MacBook Pro. Some services I really love using is, Laravel Forge,, AWS, DropBox,,,

Check Out Some Of My Work On CodePen